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Geography and climate

  • Canada is the second largest country on earth, covering an area of 10 million square kilometers. Three oceans border Canada: The Pacific Ocean in the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Altogether, Canada has over 200,000 kilometers of coastline.
  • Canada shares two borders with the United States: a very long border in the south and another long frontier in the northwest.
  • Due to its large size, Canada has many different types of landscape. There are areas with high mountains, different types of forests, prairie grasslands and arctic tundra where the ground is permanently frozen. Canada is also home to many rivers and lakes.

Like Canada’s landscapes, the climate varies across the country. In the areas where most of the population lives, there are generally four distinct seasons – summer, fall, winter and spring.

  • Summer lasts from around June to September and the weather varies from warm to hot, with daytime temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius or Centigrade (68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher. In southern Ontario and Quebec, it can often be very humid.
  • Winter is very cold in most places, with temperatures often well below zero degrees Celsius. Snow covers the ground from around December to March or April. An exception is southwest British Columbia (including the cities of Victoria and Vancouver) where winter temperatures generally remain above zero degrees and rain is more common than snow.
  • Fall and spring are transition seasons during which the weather becomes progressively colder or warmer and much of the annual rainfall occurs.


Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is located on the Ottawa River on the border between Ontario and Quebec. It is Canada’s fourth largest city.

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories, each with its own capital city. These provinces and territories are commonly grouped into five regions.

The three largest cities in Canada are Toronto (Ontario), Montréal (Quebec) and Vancouver (British Columbia). The total population of these cities is over 10 million people which is almost one-third of the Canadian population.


Region Province/Territory Capital City
Atlantic region
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • St. John’s
  • Charlottetown
  • Halifax
  • Fredericton
Central Canada
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Québec City
  • Toronto
Prairie Provinces
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • Winnipeg
  • Regina
  • Edmonton
West Coast
  • British Columbia
  • Victoria
  • Nunavut
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon Territory
  • Iqaluit
  • Yellowknife
  • Whitehorse


Canada has two official languages: English and French. English is the most commonly spoken language in the majority of provinces and territories. Outside Quebec, 82 percent of Canadians speak English. French is the main language spoken in Quebec and in some areas in Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. In addition, there are French-speaking communities in most other parts of Canada. Quebec also has a large minority of English-speaking residents. All official federal government services, publications and documents are available in both English and French.

 Canadians who speak neither English nor French as their first language are sometimes called Allophones, and most of these people are either immigrants or their children. According to the most recent Canadian census, around three million Canadians speak a non-official language “most often at home,” with the most popular Allophone languages being ChinesePunjabi, and Spanish.

The importance of language skills Good English or French language skills are very important to help you settle in Canada. You may choose to focus on learning or improving either English or French. This will likely depend on which of the two languages most people speak in the area where you live.

Strong English or French language skills are important for many reasons, such as:

  • Obtaining a job that matches your skills and experience;
  • Obtaining post-secondary education or training;
  • Accessing services;
  • Helping your children with school work;
  • Meeting and interacting with people; and
  • Passing the language requirement for citizenship.


In Canada, both federal and provincial or territorial laws protect the rights and freedoms of individuals. The Canadian Constitution includes the rights and freedoms to which Canadians are entitled in a free and democratic society. The Constitution guarantees certain political rights to Canadian citizens. It also guarantees civil rights to everybody in Canada.

Affirming rights that Canadians have enjoyed for centuries and a number of additional rights, the Canadian Constitution protects:

— The freedom to express your beliefs and opinions freely
— The freedom to associate with anyone you wish and gather peacefully with other people
— The freedom to practice religion
— The right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability
— The same rights whether you are a woman or a man
— The right to receive services from the federal government in either English or French. Our laws protect all Canadians, including gays and lesbians, from unjust discrimination. All Canadians enjoy the same access to education, health care, jobs, housing, social services and pensions, regardless of their sexual orientation
—vote in federal, provincial or territorial, and municipal elections
— be a candidate in elections

 —apply for a Canadian passport and enter and leave the country freely. You will also have the legal duty to serve on a jury if called to do so and the civic responsibility to contribute to Canadian democracy by voting in elections
— The right to protection from unlawful or unjust arrest or detention by the government because in Canada every individual is equal before and under the law. You also have the right to due legal process under Canadian law. This means that the government must respect all your rights under the law

In 2005, Parliament passed a law extending the right to civil marriage to same-sex couples. At the same time, the law protects religious freedom, so that no person or organization can be forced to act contrary to their conscience, religion or beliefs in respect of marriage.


  • Canada immigration rules are not as rigorous when compared to other countries, hence is much easier to qualify. Even in the face of world recession, Canada has not cut down on its Immigration quota, so it is still the biggest immigration delivery support hub for all.
  • Canada offers a dynamic range of immigration and visa programs for the employed, self-employed and businessmen categories and for those not qualified under the Immigration programs, the country still offers non-immigrant options such as work permit and student programs and majority of these programs offer permanent resident visa and Immigration.
  • This country also offers the most supporting social security benefits program for immigrants and their families. Canada’s educational and health facilities are among the best in the world and are highly subsidized.
  • Jobs in Canada are also high as the country provides numerous countless job opportunities for qualified and skilled migrants.
  • It has one of the best salary benefits for workers around the world with good working conditions. Minimum wage of Ontario is 14$ per hour.
  • A Canadian passport holder also enjoys a visa free travel for almost all major countries across the world. This is one major reason why businessmen, high net worth individuals and investors apply for Canadian Immigration and best handled by experts at VISAS Avenue.
  • It also has no restriction to place of job service as it permits the residents to live and work anywhere in Canada. This country gives right to religion, culture, language choice and the freedom of communication.
  • Canada also provides excellent trade and personal growth opportunities.
  • It also has a vast wealth of natural resources and minerals which is an economic blessing to the nation and also a direct foreign investment channel.
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